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Welcome!  Greeting and Salutations!  You have found Scott's website and can learn everything SCOTFREE!!  Thanks for taking the time to pop in!!

Summer is almost over and are waiting to see what the future brings for the band this year in Branson and at new venues this year!  Scott is so excited to be playing with Doug Gabriel and his family at the Pierce Arrow Theatre this year.  The show is called #1 Hits Tribute and has over 35 artists represented!  Doug, his stunning wife Cheryl, their two sons, Josh, Jordan, AKA "Flying J" and their lovely daughter, Jasmine, put on an excellent show! Scott is still playing bass guitar and this year, he is also a featured vocalist so all you Scott fans will just love this show!!  Find out more by visiting Doug's site at www.douggabriel.com .

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit our site!  We so appreciate you and hope to see you at a show soon!  Check back soon for updates! 





 Please contact me if you are interested in an acoustic solo gig, or a venue with the whole band!   scotfreelancaster@gmail.com




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Scott and Dino jammin at Doug Gabriels Show.

Scott, at the Joey Riley Show!

JT Lynn, Scott Lancster, Dino Strunk and Josh Gabriel...

Wouldn't it be awesome, if it was REAL! lol

Tony Roi, Entertainer extraordinaire, with band and the Angel Singers, 2011

Take It To The Limit,  Branson Landing 2008.  Over 6,000 people were there!!!  It was awesome!!

Billy           Don          Scott

Bruce     Burwell    Lancaster

Deep Blue Funk with band leader, the late Bob Campbell, front right.  Bill Bruce, pre-haircut (donated to Locks for Love!), Brad Allen and Scott             In the year 2000......

Blue Holiday meets Scotfree at Michael Kerns wake and it's a good thing!!.  Gina and Larry Holiday, Ronna Haxby, Bradley Allen, and Scott Lancaster  YAY!!  Michael!!

KING BEES, BABY!!  At The Isle of Capri in Booneville, MO  Jan. 09

The Blues Brothers Experience!!!

Isle of Capri

Shoulda been a cowboy!

Takin' it to the Limit!!

Singing from his SOUL!!  Live from Don Wilson's livingroom, Christmas, 2008.

Look at the mysterious glow around his hand!?!  It's magic!!

At RFD in Spring 2008

Larry, Jon and Scott, working hard?!?!?  (That ain't workin'!  That's the way you do it!!)

September 2nd, 2000!  Sealed the deal!!!

Scott with Mom and Dad, Mary and Wilber Lancaster.  This is where he got it from!!  They've been singing gospel music together for Scott's whole life!  And they sound like angels!!!

The Billboard for 2009!!!!

Ready for the show. 

Good Morning Branson!  The best morning show that never was.........

Scott did an awesome Michael Buble' !!!

Still gotta eat, snow or no snow...Nothing can stop the "Grill Master"!

Mr. Branson!  Good Morning Branson, 2009

The 70's Muisc Celebration ~ THE TOTALLY AWESOME BAND!!!  Danny Z, Dino Phillips, Jonathan and Scott

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